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Sam de la Rosa

Sam de la Rosa

Real Name
Sam de la Rosa
Sam De La Rosa; Sam delaRosa; Sam DeLaRosa; Sam Delarosa; Sam Dela Rosa; Sam De LaRosa; Sam DeLaRosa

Marvel; DC; Dark Horse; Disney ; Eclipse; First; Fleetway/Quality/S.Q.P. Inc.; Antarctic Press; Image; Comico; Red Circle/Archie; Acclaim; Ocean; Kris Kidd Productions; Charlton; Megaton; Tom Sciacca Publications; Landgraphics; Noble; Larry Houston's Graphics 2000; About; Lone Star Press; Parody Press; LFP Inc.; IDW

Inker, Cover Artist


Place of Birth
San Antonio , Texas , United States of America

Date of Birth

December 26

Work History

Images Attributed to Sam de la Rosa


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