Scorpio was once the terror of the southwestern states, employing what he called "the Scorpion's Sting" to spread fear among other gunmen. It appeared that the Scorpion seemed able to simply gesture at a target and strike it with an unseen force. Against another man, the Scorpion could best any gunslinger with a mere gesture that was as effective as a bullet. In truth, the Scorpion had been firing his gun all along. Scorpio hid a silent Derringer under the sleeve of his right arm, with a sting tied from the trigger to his finger. With no noise escaping the gun's chamber, Scorpio seemed capable of truly supernatural feats. He attempted to form a partnership with Kid Colt as he was setting up a new gang, but Colt refused to work with him. Instead, Colt exposed his trick to the public and turned him and his gang over to the authorities.

Scorpio was sent to state prison and placed on a chain gang where he allied himself with the criminal ventriloquist Dr. Danger and former gang leader Bull Barton. The three men managed to overpower a guard while on work duty and used the guard's gun to shoot off their chains. They escaped across the border, but Kid Colt tracked them down and returned them to the law.


The Scorpion wore a Derringer fitted with a silencer on his forearm, with a string leading from the trigger to his finger. With his hands gloved and sleeves and jacket long, he would seem to "sting" targets merely by pointing at them.

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