Sam Ross worked for Northstar Airways under Madelyne Pryor as a loadmaster. He has a passion for reading, and to an extent, writing, often using the many hours of flying to read. When a plane he was working (and Madelyne was flying) was brought down by the birth of the FireFountain, he was reborn into Lore Lord, a living embodiment of the written tome.

However, it was revealed the entire situation was a set-up by Loki, who sent his Snow Giants against the people who had been transformed (as well as the X-Men and Alpha Flight) after they had revoked him. One of them swung a club at Maddie and he dove to push her out of the way and was struck himself. He was sent flying, hurtling miles away. Anodyne and Northstar chased after him only to find him near death. To save his life, Anodyne willingly gave herself over to Loki to restore her healing powers.


Lorelord possessed the unique ability to channel all written knowledge through himself. As well, he was physically far superior to normal humans.

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