Sam Marvin purchased the mortgage on Peter William's ranch the Bar W, giving him sixty days to find the money to buy it back. On the 55th day of their contract, Williams came up with the money and attempted to buy back his ranch. Marvin, who was using it as a means of smuggling stolen cattle into Mexico through the Rio Grande refused to do so, leading to an altercation. Broken up by the disguised Masked Raider, Marvin left the scene and charged Williams with trumped up assault charges so that he would be locked up for the remainder of the contract time.

The Masked Raider escaped arrest and investigated Marvin, learning of his cattle rustling operation. When Marvin moved his next herd of stolen beef across the Rio Grande, the Raider came to stop him. As the Raider rounded up Sam's men, Marvin attempted to shoot the Raider in the back. He would not get the chance, however, as he was attacked by the Raider's faithful horse Lightning. Marvin was rounded up with the rest of his men and turned over to the sheriff and lost his ill gotten land to Williams.[1]


Sam Marvin rides a horse.


Sam Marvin is armed with a six shooter.

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