Sally gained the paranormal ability to generate electricity and direct it as part of the White Event and at some point admitted herself to the Clinic for Paranormal Research. She was assigned to Therapy Group B, who had an antagonistic relationship with Therapy Group C, though on her own Sally was apparently friendly to them and other patients.

When patients began leaving their assigned therapy groups in favor of special-interest groups, Sally assigned herself to an all-female therapy group, and as part of that group participated in a riot of all the patients.

Later, when the Clinic was raided by police, Sally tried to make a run for it with two other patients, Pamela Leighton and John "Scrap Iron" Rost. Sally kept them covered with her electrical blasts, but was shot in the back with a shotgun by a cop, much to Scrap Iron's anger, who apparently beat the cop to death with his own gun. It is unknown if Sally survived the shooting, or what her current whereabouts are if she did.

Sally was presumably killed along with the rest of the planet when this reality was destroyed.


Sally had the paranormal power to generate electricity and direct it as blasts. She apparently generated small amounts of electricity all the time, as her hair constantly stood on end.

Strength level

Normal human strength

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