Founded in 1626, Salem is one of the oldest cities in the United States. It is known primarily as the site of the Salem Witch Trials, and on Earth-616 is a major hub for magic-users and as such, at John Hawthorne High, there are rivalries between magic-using students ("wicks") and regular students ("blanks").

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Salem (Earth-9047), Irving Forbush (Earth-665) from What The-- Vol 1 22

Welcome to Salem!

In the Humorverse, Salem was overcome by witch-hunting fever in 1692, with citizens accusing each other of being witches and Judge Hathhorny arranging the burning of the Ivory Wench at the stake. Timetravelling Forbush Man -who wanted to just cheat in recent horse races- corrected the anachronism by pointing that, historically, Salemites only hanged witches, never burning them; Hathhorny, thanking the reference, decided the hang both Ivory Wench -unhappy at the situation- and Forbush. Forbush, understanding that his gallowsmate was the ancestor of the Scarlett Wench -a mutant superheroine of the universe Forbush inhabitted- and that she may have illusion mutant powers, convinced the Wench to conjure a vision to scare the angry mob - it worked and they were indeed scared, as they disliked the Vision's (then) new uniform. Grateful at being saved, the Ivory Wench courted Forbush, albeit just before their first kiss, Forbush was returned to his time.[1]

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  • Main setting for the series Spellbinders, by Mike Carey and Mike Perkins.


  • Namesake of New Salem, the witch-friendly city founded by Agatha Harkness

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