The Natives are a small insectoid humanoid race that live in the harsh deserts of Sakaar. Primitive and easily conquered by the Red King's armies, they are treated as second class citizens by the Shadow people and the pink-skinned Sakaaran Imperials. The main threat to this race are the parasitic Spikes.


Native Queen

Like many insectoid races, the Natives of Sakaar are ruled by a queen. The queen is ten times the size of the typical Natives with many legs and a large bulbous body. The queens are developed from larvae selected by worker drones and specially fed in order to become the mother of that hive. They produce thousands of eggs, and their hatchlings follow their orders without question.

Native King


Native Kings are the also rulers of the Hive. They are the only fertile members of the race. Native Kings are significantly larger and stronger than drones, and their exoskeleton is much thicker and more durable (sufficiently so to resist multiple blows from the Hulk). Unlike the drones and the queens, they are capable of unaided flight.

Powers and Abilities


The Natives of Sakaar typically bipedal, insectoids with four arms and natural exoskeletal armor.

The Natives communicate with a low level telepathy which they call “chemming”. Chemming allows the entire race to share thoughts, memories, experiences and emotions. The Natives are able to share this ability with other sentient species, as Miek shared with the Warbound, whom he considered to be part of his hive.


Skilled hunters, many trained in combat

Average Strength level



Their dense exoskeletons can be breached by some weapons, which can harm them.


Habitat: Desert-like
Gravity: Higher then Earth
Atmosphere: Earth-like
Population: Various hives, well into the millions


Type of Government: Hive
Level of Technology: Mostly weapons, generally inferior to Earth
Cultural Traits: Hive minded
Representatives: Miek, Mung


They appear in Planet Hulk, and its sequel World War Hulk.


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