Aurora was transported to this small Quebec community by Loki after being trapped in a passage between Earth and Asgard. Aurora's multiple personalities were healed but her memories were also erased and her powers removed.[1] This was part of a scheme by Loki to gain revenge on Alpha Flight for foiling an earlier scheme of his[2] - to break up the team, cause emotional turmoil and sow the seeds of the team's breakup. Aurora was accepted into the church and eventually took vows as a nun. Her memory slowly returned as did her powers but in an altered form. She denounced violence and planned to stay hidden from her former life with Alpha Flight.[3]

Despite her plans, some members of the church still feared her past life would catch up with Soeur Beaubier - fears which came true when Talisman sent a spirit to transport Aurora away on a mission to save her brother. To the priest with whom she was chatting, it appeared she was destroyed completely.[4]


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