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Saint Patrick's Cathedral

Saint Patrick's Cathedral - Funeral of Peter Parker (Earth-1610) Ultimate Comics Fallout
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Saint Patrick's Cathedral

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Cloak took the Runaways to this church, where they learned about Cloak being framed for attacking Dagger. Molly Hayes stayed in the cathedral with Father Lantom while the rest of the team worked to clear Cloak's name.[1]

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Exiles Vol 1 70 page 09 St. Patrick's Cathedral

House of M

The memorial for the victims of Hulk's attack on downtown New York.[2] Additionally, the funerals of the Hulk and Spider-Man took place in the Saint Patrick's Cathedral.


The Exiles met with Moira MacTaggert in the Cathedral's shelter, to discuss a battle plan against her son.


Joe Gettings, Jr. (Earth-616)

Joe Gettings, Jr. (Earth-616)

Joe Gettings, Jr.

Joe Gettings, Jr. was a homeless man who encountered Eddie Passim and was affected by his thoughts of the About Face virus. Gettings went on a rampage, ranting about burning the city to the ground so that is could be remade. Daredevil subdued Gettings and learned he had been affected by Eddie, as well.[3]


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