As with his Earth-616 counterpart, the origin of the man known only as Saint Elmo is mostly unrevealed. He claimed to be the legendary Keeper of the Northern Lights, and a god thousands of years old. At some point, he came in contact with James Hudson’s Department H and was recruited in the first Flight (the predecessor to Alpha Flight).

Saint Elmo was killed by Weapon X during an early mission of the Flight. After witnessing the death of Stitch and Smart Alec, Saint Elmo resorted to brute force, grabbing Weapon X and flying him into the air. Unmindful of his own safety, Desjardins knocked Elmo unconscious, falling to the ground without injury due to his unbreakable skeleton and spiked hands, while Saint Elmo was impaled upon a church’s cross.


He was able to manipulate light for a variety of effects such as transforming solid matter into light.

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