Sahreed was one of Apocalypse's aides during the time of the First Crusade, and a contemporary of the Black Knight (Eobar Garrington) and Bennet du Paris, Crusader knights whom Apocalypse sought for his own purposes.

Sahreed first approached them in the tent they shared; at the time, Garrington was posssessed by the time-displased consciousness of his descendant, Dane Whitman. Sahreed challenged Garrington (Whitman) to a duel, which Whitman won with a single kick, before throwing Sahreed out of the tent.

Later, Sahreed observed Garrington's meeting with Sersi, who removed Garrington's soul from his body so Whitman could inhabit it.

Sahreed then attacked Dane and Sersi with his tentacles, entangling Sersi. Dane sliced his arms off with the Ebony Blade, but the Akkaba Metropolis then appeared, and Sahreed, despite his wound, relished what he believed to be his master's inevitable victory.[1]


Sahreed had the power to convert his arms into elastic tentacles, which he could extend and use to bind objects or foes.

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