X-Force Vol 1 3
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Rob Liefeld , Fabian Nicieza
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New York
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Black Tom Cassidy help Janko's company who heads Arianna Jankos, because her company was to be sold to others powerful companies, and Black Tom helping to kidnap the owners companies who wanted bought Janko's company. Meanwhile Janko gave her technology to rescue Juggernaut was in other dimesion.

When Siryn learned that her uncles were doing another bad thing, Siryn did not think two times and was going to New York. She could not defeat Juggernaut. But when X-Force came to help, she alied with their.

Meanwhile in the building where the owner's companies were kidnapped, Gideon, Sunspot were two of those, rebelled to Black Tom that he was alone because Warpath one of the members of X-Force was fighting with Juggernaut outside the building.

But Black Tom had an ace in his sleeve, he had a bombs throughout the building. In this time Spider-Man arrived and saw how Warpath and Juggernaut fought. he was heading to the main building when a bomb exploded.

Sabotage Event: Episodes and Synopses


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  • When reviewed by Wizard in a Spider-Man special, the magazine deemed it unnecessary and, after the events of 9/11, tasteless.

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