Next to nothing is known of the early life of Noir but her father Muhammad Zebari founded the “Penance corps”, a supervillain prison enforcement program. Meanwhile she became a scientist, working on the “Dark force project”. It was apparently here where she gained her Darkforce powers.

Muhammad was murdered by Joseph Duffy and his Divine Right neo-nazi gang in an attempt to take over his prison corporation. She decided to get revenge on the man responsible, and became the vigilante Noir. She clashed with Power Man and Iron Fist. She befriended Power man in his civilian identity. She eventually avenged her father, gunning down Duffy after his last scheme was foiled by Power Man and Iron Fist. She then returned to life as a scientist.


Able to manipulate the Darkforce. Noir can shapeshift between a normal human form and a super-powered form composed entirely of darkforce energy. In her darkforce form she can walk on air and fire pistols also made of darkforce energy. These darkforce bullets can ensnare a target and even negate superhuman abilities.


A gifted scientist.

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