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Systematic Ultimate Lawless Takeover of All Nations (Earth-616)

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A talented though demented weapon designer for S.H.I.E.L.D., the S.U.L.T.A.N. was dismissed from the elite espionage organization due to his instability. He responded by creating a island base in Maine, constructing a army of robot Biotrons, and creating a Mega-ton Bomb. The S.U.L.T.A.N. released this missile to devastate Washington, D.C. However the conspiracy was foiled by Captain America, Spider-Man, and Nick Fury.

In the course of their battle, the S.U.L.T.A.N. could release his consciousness by a small detachable flying disk which would fly to another robot body. Tiring of this threat, Nick Fury shot and destroyed the flying disk, therefore destroying the S.U.L.T.A.N.[1]

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