S'Byll was one of the five claimants to the Skrull throne after the destruction of Throneworld.

The Silver Surfer granted her a portion of the power cosmic in order for her to restore the shape shifting powers to the Skrulls.

S'Byll was a lover of Super Skrull.

S'Byll as Empress (Earth-616)

S'Byll slew Nenora a Skrull spy who had been posing as a Kree woman that had ascended to the role of Kree Empress after the Supreme Intelligence was incapacitated. S'Byll was made Empress of the Skrulls.

Her current status in the Skrull Empire is unknown.[1]


S'Byll after power cosmic
  • Power Cosmic: S'Byll was given a small portion of the power cosmic by the Silver Surfer which she used to restore the shape shifting ability to the other Skrulls.[2] Her powers may have faded over the years.[3]
    • The process wherein she was empowered temporarily prevented her from maintaining a solid shape, but allowed her to morph herself into vast forms, able to cover a spaceship.[4][1]
    • Flight[4][1]

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