Ryu Kobolt was an agent of Feng Huang in Hong Kong. He saved Shakti Haddad from a cyborg tracker at Feng's request and offered Shakti safe haven with Feng's organization. Shakti had run away from her father, the Red Market czar Zail Haddad, who was a rival of Feng Huang's. Feng Huang took pleasure in helping Shakti oppose her father.

Ryu Kobolt & Shakti Haddad (Earth-928) from X-Men 2099 Oasis Vol 1 1 0001

Architect (Ryu Kobolt) & Cerebra (Shakti Haddad)

While they were together, Ryu and Shakti fell in love, but he ultimately left her and Hong Kong behind. Ryu Kobolt was dying of a degenerative disease, and did not want Shakti to watch him suffer. Looking to die on his own terms, Ryu traveled to the radioactive island known as Hellrock, hoping to die in battle with the Mutroids in pit combat. He was rescued from himself by a mutant named Memphis, who got him off Hellrock and convinced Ryu to live for something again.

Ryu Kobolt decided to build an Oasis in the deserts of the United States, a peaceful self-sustaining environment that would be open for all people. However, he also decided the corporate world order was irreversibly corrupt. Ryu planned to seal his Oasis and his followers inside their dome and launch a viral missile strike on the rest of the world. Ryu intended to place his followers in cryo-sleep for several centuries emerging only when the virus had cleansed the planet for a new world order to emerge.

Before the big sleep, Ryu Kobolt wanted to see Shakti one last time. Now a member of the X-Men known as Cerebra, Ryu arranged for a mutant follower to lead Shakti and the X-Men to the Oasis. Cerebra was unwilling to accept his genocide, however, and soon both Shakti and Memphis turned against Ryu's plots. Ryu died in the Oasis as Cerebra sealed him and the viral missiles inside the domes, saving the rest of the world.[1]

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