Ruth Mastorakis was a young woman who was engaged to a man named Nikos. However, he proclaimed he couldn't marry her, and beat her and humiliated her.

Ruth then volunteered to undergo the Morituri process, gaining the ability to produce poisons and their antidotes. She joined the Strikeforce Morituri using the codename Toxyn. Along with Scaredycat and Scatterbrain, she was one of the team's second wave of recruits. Some of the other members tried to make Toxin assume a leadership role, as their previous leader had died, but Toxyn resisted this. Nevertheless, she became a valued member of the team.

Seeing her achievements in the media, Ruth's ex-fiance Nikos tried to contact her, much to her anger. When the team faced accusations from the superiors for going against orders, Toxyn used her powers to poison her teammates, only giving them the antidote when she had proved her point. The team were not charged in the end.

Toxyn later fell in love with a soldier she had rescued from a Horde ship, but before they could act upon their love, she succumbed to the Morituri effect and her body exploded.


Mastorakis gained the ability to produce biochemical agents, namely poisons and their antidotes. She could poison others (or provide them with the antidote) via touch. Like other members of Strikeforce Morituri, Mastorakis' strength and resilience were boosted beyond normal human levels.

Strength level

Toxyn's strength was boosted above normal human levels.


Like other members of Strikeforce Morituri, Toxyn wore special boots that gave her the ability to fly.

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