Russian-Afghan War
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The Soviet–Afghan War lasted over nine years from December 1979 to February 1989. Insurgent groups ("the Mujahideen") in Afghanistan fought against the Soviet Army and allied Afghan forces. The Afghan forces were backed by the United States of America.

During the Russian-Afghan War, in 1986, Logan saved Mordad from the Russians during a battle.[1]

The Hulk leaped across the globe landing in the Nuristan Province, of Afghanistan. He tried to find food but was attacked by a squad of soviet soldiers, but he smashed them all with ease. When news reached Moscow, they sent their superhuman team the Soviet Super-Soldiers. He arrived at the Presence base, where he is attacked by the Soviet team. The then decided to work together the stop the Presence.[2]

The US Army came to Doctor Strange for advice as a group of Soviet soldiers in Afghanistan were being effected by magic their weapons were becoming magical sword and their tanks fantastical beasts. This was also happening on other basis around the world.[3]

While investigating a global drugs trade Cloak and Dagger learned that the funds where being used by the Afghan rebels to fund the was against the Soviet Union.[4]

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Deadpool along with the X team, composed by Bullseye, Domino, Silver Sable and himself, Deadpool was commissioned by the US government in 1983 and conducted clandestine missions.[5]


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