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History of character is unknown.


The Black Baron's magic allowed him to assume several forms. In his "baseline" vampire form the Baron possessed enhanced strength (lifting 1 ton), could hipnotize with his gaze, and turn into a bat or gigantic python. The full moon's light triggered an automatic change into his less rational werewolf form, which possessed sharp fangs and claws, greater superhuman strength (lifting 10 tons), could leap several feet from a standing start and command wolves. Both his vampire and werewolf forms were immune to gunfire but could be harmed by good mystical items; his werewolf form was vulnerable to silver and his vampire one to daylight. His human form displayed no power and may have had human vulnerabilities but was unaffected by daylight. In at least his vampire and bat forms he could cast spells, including animating inanimate objects, making fires disgorge choking smoke and creating illusions. Flying stone gargoyles and animated skeletons, presumably given life via his magic, protected his castle.[citation needed]

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