The past history of Rudolfo Haasen of Earth-808 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart until the time when Victor von Doom attended university in the United States. In this reality, Doom's experiment in contacting the afterlife would be a success leading him on a noble path of learning the occult and freeing the soul of his mother from Hell.

When Doom would return to his homeland he would find that Prince Rudolfo ruled it with an iron fist, over taxing the people and enslaving the gypsy population. Clashing with Rudolfo, Doom would prove the tyrannical prince's superior due to his armor's force field which would cause a bullet fired from Rudolfo's gun to bounce back and fatally wound him.

Upon Rudolfo's death, Doom would take over Latveria, and free the people Rudolfo once enslaved.

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