Early Life

Rozalyn Backus was born on 19th May 1968.[citation needed]

She became romantically linked to William Cross. She was unaware of his illegal activities, and helped develop experimental ultrasonic technology. The couple were engaged to be married until he ran off with the technology. In his disappearance he faked his own murder and framed Backus for the murder.[1]


William Cross was imprisoned in the Vault where Rozalyn Backus part of Vault's Guardsman force. She seemingly stopped an escape attempt by Cross and the U-Foes, but it was revealed she stole cash and goods from the criminals, including Vector's power nullification chamber.[2][3] The criminals were later transferred to the Raft, and all escaped during Electro's mass breakout, Cross worked with a team of mind-manipulators: Mandrill,Controller, Mister Fear and Corruptor. While on pursuit of Rozalyn the U-Foes and Crossfire's Crew fought a gang war until the New Avengers stopped.[4][5] Cross and his gang were recaptured and Backus surrendered herself to the authorities.[6]


Skilled marksman and hand-to-hand combatant

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