Dr. Royce Nero worked to develop "riot gear" and related technology for the government. Due to the often extreme nature of his technology, Nero was removed from his projects and given "early retirement." Determined more than ever, Nero went to work for On-Line Research, a private firm. While there, he secretly developed weaponry and tactical equipment that was designed for offensive purposes, rather than defensive.

Attempting to steal some of the plans from On-Line Research, he encountered Spider-Man. Spider-Man was able to use the technology at On-Line to defeat Nero, who was then taken into custody.


Nero wore a riot suit that protected him from harm.


The gauntlet Nero wore on his left hand was able to deliver:

  • heat ray,
  • blinding facial irritant,
  • spray foam,
  • pneumatic blasts and;
  • sonic blasts.

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