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Information-silk Official Vehicle Name
Information-silk Current Owner
Henry Pym, though it's never seen.
Information-silk Current Model
Information-silk Transport Method
Shrunk, and carried in one of Henry Pym's pockets.
Information-silk Origin
Constructed by Henry Pym after a near-suicide attempt and the inspiration of La Espirita to turn his life around. The vehicle was part of his Dr. Pym identity.
Information-silk Universe


Designed by a re-inspired Henry Pym, the vehicle was used several times in his service as Dr. Pym for the Avengers West Coast,[1] most notably to save people in San Francisco in the wake of devastating earthquakes caused by the villain Vibro.[2]


  • Can shoot flames, acid, or gases.
  • Can climb, if needed.
  • Capable of speech.
  • Designed specifically to not be above the intelligence of a dog (in order to prevent another Ultron).
  • A second model was created that looked more like a generic Avenger's Quinjet and only appeared in Giant-Man back-up stories in the late 370s/early 380s issues of the first volume of Avengers.


Place of Creation: Avengers Compound
Lead Designer: Henry Pym
Additional Designers: None

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