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Information-silk Official Vehicle Name
Information-silk Current Owner
Henry Pym, though it's never seen.
Information-silk Current Model
Information-silk Transport Method
Shrunk, and carried in one of Henry Pym's pockets.
Information-silk Origin
Constructed by Henry Pym after a near-suicide attempt and the inspiration of La Espirita to turn his life around. The vehicle was part of his Dr. Pym identity.
Information-silk Universe


Designed by a re-inspired Henry Pym, the vehicle was used several times in his service as Dr. Pym for the Avengers West Coast, most notably to save people in San Francisco in the wake of devastating earthquakes caused by the villain Vibro.


  • Can shoot flames, acid, or gases.
  • Can climb, if needed.
  • Capable of speech.
  • Designed specifically to not be above the intelligence of a dog (in order to prevent another Ultron).
  • A second model was created that looked more like a generic Avenger's Quinjet and only appeared in Giant-Man back-up stories in the late 370s/early 380s issues of the first volume of Avengers.


Place of Creation: Avengers Compound
Lead Designer: Henry Pym
Additional Designers: None

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