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After the first Rose was unmasked, Sergeant Blume, a policeman who knew of Richard and Alfredo's plan to bring down the Kingpin, took the name of the Rose for himself. He did this to help Alfredo and Richard with their mission to bring down Richard's father and his criminal activities. Over time Alfredo started to act more and more like a criminal. He even put a hit on Spider-Man again. Alfredo, using the name of the Rose, also put a hit on Peter Parker for photographing one of his criminal meetings.


Blume didn't like Alfredo dealing behind his back using the Rose's name. Both men grew suspicious of each other to the point that a confrontation became inevitable. When Kingpin disappeared again, Alfredo took over his business. Blume as the Rose ordered a meeting with the new Kingpin, Alfredo. At the meeting, Sergeant Blume was shot and killed by Alfredo.[1]

Dead No More

Years later, Miles Warren brought him and numerous other Spider-Man villains back to life.[2]



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