Rose grew up in a horrifically-abusive household. Her father's abuse caused her to act out with her mutant powers, at one point forcing another girl to walk in front of a moving car, resulting in her death. At age twelve, her father began molesting her, and her mother did not believe her when she told her. Shortly thereafter, her father murdered her mother in a drunken rage and Rose forced her father to commit suicide. Eventually, Rose learned that others with powers like her existed. Haunted by her mother's words that she was not "special," Rose resolved in her madness to kill them all so she could finally be unique in the world.

After slaying at least forty telepaths, Daredevil and Black Widow were recruited by SHIELD to take the killer down. The operation began by moving all telepaths out of the state bar a SHIELD agent named Fred Wilson, who was to be bait for the killer. Wilson was tailed by another agent, Dexter Bancroft, who was himself tailed by Daredevil and Black Widow; however, Rose's accomplice, a brutal serial killer named Charlie, captured Bancroft and defeated Black Widow, also killing Wilson.

Daredevil gave chase to the killers' van in a cab (SHIELD's forces being held up by a blizzard), desperately attempting to follow the captured Natasha's tracer. At her hideout, Rose forced Bancroft to torture himself to death, and read Black Widow's mind to learn that Daredevil was on his way. When Matt arrived, he was defeated by Rose and Charlie.

Natasha managed to escape, snapping Charlie's neck with the chains from her own restraints in the process, and confronted Rose, who was holding Matt hostage. Rose attacked Natasha with a knife, and although Natasha proved Rose's superior in physical combat, Rose took control of her mind and commanded her to use the knife to cut her own throat. However, in the process she forgot to watch Daredevil, who broke Rose's concentration with a kick, allowing Natasha the opportunity to plunge the knife into Rose's heart.


Mind Control: Rose was a mutant with a potent mental control ability. In her youth, her control was limited to those who were distracted at the time, but over the years she perfected the power so that it could be used on anyone. Her signature technique with her power was forcing her victims to kill themselves in grisly ways.


In addition to her powers, Rose fought with a knife.

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