President of the United States. Doctor Doom briefly abducted him and placed a mind control device on his neck. Later, against his free will, he voted for Doctor Doom to be master of the entire world, along with every other world leader and all of the United Nations Representatives. Spider-Man appeared and forced Doctor Doom to retreat, after turning his robots against him. Later, Doctor Doom forced the Earth out of the Sun's orbit, threatening to send the Earth into another Ice Age. Along with all the other world leaders, the President relinquished his title as his country's leader to Doctor Doom in order to appease him, and a Doombot briefly took his place in the White House. He likely resumed his presidency after Doctor Doom was defeated by Spider-Man and the Latverian Resistance.[1][2]

  • At one point, Spider-Man jokingly admits that he didn't vote for the President.

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