Dr. Ronald Pratt was researching in ways to help people heal faster. In 1990, he began to find parts of his work done, when he came to work in the morning. Someone was helping him, while somehow getting past security. Pratt's wife jokingly said it was a ghost.

Finally, Pratt decided to stay after work and find this person. To his surprise, David Bellemy (a mentally challenged janitor), showed up and began working on Pratt's project. Pratt confronted him and asked David to give him one reason, not to call security. David then, to Pratt's amazement and great shocked, revealed himself to be Dr. David Banner. A man believed to have been dead for over a decade.

David explained his situation to Pratt, leading him to offer his help and finding a potential cure. However, the attempt to cure David was interrupted by Jasmin.

The following chaos left Pratt in a coma, until David got him out of it. Pratt and his wife, where later kidnapped by Voshenko's Organization. They were rescued by David and Jasmin, but at the cost of David's life.[1]

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