Ronny grew up with a passion for music, singing in his school choir and a band. At age thirteen, he discovered that he was a mutant able to hit notes high enough to cause powerful sonic booms. He would lose these powers on M-Day, however, and was willing to try anything to get them back.

He fell in with the New Mutates, a group of young people who had been granted superhuman abilities via cybernetic implants from their mysterious benefactor, the Sugar Man. Sugar Man agreed to do the same for Ronny, on the condition that Ronny help him return home.

Sugar Man outfitted Ronny with a cyborg throat apparatus. On the way to Sugar Man's portal, he met a captive of Sugar Man's, who urged Ronny to see that he was being tricked, but Ronny, blinded by his new powers, paid him no mind and stepped through the portal.

Unfortunately, the dimension on the other side was not Sugar Man's home, and Ronny was almost immediately devoured by a massive predator native to the reality.


As a cyborg, he could launch an unidentified type of green energy from his throat.

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