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Tyrannus was born in Rome. He was exiled from Camelot by Merlin during the times of King Arthur. At that point, Subterranea became his home,[2] which inevitably created friction between him and Mole Man. In Subterranea, Romulus came upon a stockpile of Deviant technology, which he used to attack the surface world.

On one such attack, he discovered the fountain of youth which allowed him to remain young through the centuries until he returned and attempted to conquer America, by kidnapping Betty Ross and holding her hostage, thus preventing her father from resisting. The Hulk and Rick Jones followed but they too was captured by Tyrannus and he used Betty as a tool against them, they eventually freed her and the trio escaped Tyrannus and trapped him underground. [2]

On another, he became lovers with Kala. [citation needed] Having failed to conquer the surface world with force and tech, several times, Romulus decided to try another approach. It was then that he organized They Who Wield Power and merged with the Cobalt Flame of Flame in El Dorado.[citation needed] Romulus later had more amazing adventures, including being shot into space, [citation needed]controlling a form of the Abomination,[citation needed] attempting to help Set conquer the Earth, [citation needed] and taking possession of Hulk (as well as trying to take his abilities). [citation needed]

Tyrannus was eventually overthrown by his own people, the Tyrannoids, who turned Romulus into a tyrannoid for abusing them over the years, and threw him in their jail.


Mind control, life-force absorption, telepathy.


Skilled swordsman

Strength level

Peak human


Access to advanced technology left behind by Deviants

The Fountain of Youth, which grants him immortality as long as he has continued access to it.

Temporarily had control of the Sacred Flame of Life and the machines which controlled it. The Sacred Flame of Life could consume the life force of others to fuel its own energies. Using the Sacred Flame of Life, Tyrannus could generate a force field, form the flame into fists or limbs, cause seismic tremors, and project a radioactive, flame-like blast.



Romulus Augustus was the last Roman Empire in real life. Read about him here:


A tyrannoid subterranean was given the appearance and memory of Tyrannus while he was involved with "They Who Wield Power." The clone was later murdered when the other tyrannoids discovered what he really was.

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