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Appearing in "When You Wish Upon a Star"Edit

Featured Characters:

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Synopsis for "When You Wish Upon a Star"Edit

Secret Wars II continues from Alpha Flight #28...

The Beyonder grants Rick Jones, Brandy, and Cindy their wish! But is what they wish what they really want?

Secret Wars II continues in Avengers #261...

Rom Vol 1 72 001
Rick Jones, Brandy Clark and Cindy Adams are found by the entity known as The Beyonder who is seeking the meaning of desire. Seeing in their thoughts the incompleteness they feel he decides to see if having all their desires met if they would truly feel complete. The Beyonder cures Rick Jones of cancer, removes the Wraith mind from Cindy and turns Brandy Clark once more into Starshine. The trio is in disbelief as the Beyonder offers to fulfill all their wishes. He turns Rick into a second Hulk and then sends Rick & Brandy into Limbo to retrieve the Wraith that had killed Cindy’s parents. The Beyonder takes two glowing orbs that are the lifeforces of Cindy’s parents from the Wraith and sends it back to Limbo. He then restores Cindy’s parents to life. Still not understanding desire, the Beyonder restores Rick back to his normal human form, though cured of cancer. He also restores Brandy to human form and fulfills her wish by sending her to be by the side of her true love, Rom.
Secret Wars II
Secret Wars II #1 New Mutants #30 Captain America #308 Uncanny X-Men #196 Iron Man #197 Secret Wars II #2 Web of Spider-Man #6 Amazing Spider-Man #268 Fantastic Four #282 Secret Wars II #3 Daredevil #223 Incredible Hulk #312 Avengers #260 Secret Wars II #4 Dazzler #40 Alpha Flight #28 Rom #72 Avengers #261 Secret Wars II #5 Thing #30 Doctor Strange Vol 2 #74 Fantastic Four #285 Secret Wars II #6 Cloak and Dagger Vol 2 #4 Power Pack #18 Micronauts Vol 2 #16 Thor #363 Power Man and Iron Fist #121 Secret Wars II #7 New Mutants #36 Amazing Spider-Man #273 Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #111 Uncanny X-Men #202 Defenders #152 Secret Wars II #8 New Mutants #37 Amazing Spider-Man #274 Avengers #265 Uncanny X-Men #203 Fantastic Four #288 Secret Wars II #9 Avengers #266

  • When Marvel reprinted the Secret Wars II Omnibus this issue was omitted from the collection as Marvel no longer retains the rights to ROM the Spaceknight.

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