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Appearing in "Mindgames"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Mack Killburn
  • Karas (Only in flashback)
  • Harry (Only Appearance)[1]




Synopsis for "Mindgames"Edit

As a number of people at the Clark residence look on Steve Jackson attempts to use his homemade Analyzer on Rom’s Neutralizer in hopes of locating the missing Spaceknight. However, the attempt to probe it causes the Neutralizer’s defenses to kick in destroying the Analyzer. Through the smoke a figure emerges, that of Rom Spaceknight. Steve thinks his gizmo has brought the Spaceknight back but is informed that Rom had simple entered through the back door wondering what all the smoke was about. Rom continues to be concerned for his homeworld, Galador. Meanwhile a coven of Wraith witches overseen by a High Wraith attempt to create a monster to combat Rom but fail. They are then confronted by a visage that becomes Mentus who the Most High Wraith recognizes as a Galadorian Spaceknight. Mentus seeks to ally himself with Wraithkind to bring about the destruction of Rom and Galador. He transforms two Wraith witches into the likenesses of Starshine and Terminator, two of Rom’s fellow Spaceknights and sends them to attack him playing upon his guilt and fear of what has become of Galador. As Brandy tries to stop the attack and the two disguised Wraiths turn on her. Rom is shaken out of his guilt-ridden torpor and reveals them as evil Dire Wraiths and finally banishes them. Elsewhere, Mack Killburn confronts editor Barry Dunston desiring to cover the robot alien story that Ace O’Connor was covering before her disappearance but is rebuffed as Ace O’Connor walks in claiming it a dead end. As the frustrated Mack leaves, Ace & Barry revert to their Dire Wraith forms.

Appearing in "Saga of the Spaceknights: The Trial of Terminator"Edit

Featured Characters:


Other Characters:


Synopsis for "Saga of the Spaceknights: The Trial of Terminator"Edit

On Galador, Terminator stands trial for his crime of slaying Archon, King of Thuvria. Starshine brings the charges against him before the Prime Director. Rom asks for mercy but Terminator asks to be executed rather than banished to Limbo. The Prime Director summons the Living Fire of Galador which begins to consume Terminator, however he is secretly transported away by Mentus who takes control of him with his mental powers for his evil plans. With the execution seemingly complete, Rom leaves Galador to continue his quest against the Wraiths.

  • Cover art: colours by Roussos.
  • Sequence 1 Mindgames letters (story pages) by Higgins pages 1-15 and Albers (uncredited) page 16.

  • No trivia.

See AlsoEdit

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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