Coming across the lost planet Talbos in his exploration as an architect, Rojohn Smythe discovered it had been annihilated by some mysterious catastrophe that had left a measurable amount of residual radiation. Exploring the surface, he discovered that a great battle was the cause of the planet's current condition, with bones littering the streets of a once mighty city. Studying the bones, he found that some were wolf-like and some were the bones of Skrulls, and realized that the Skrulls had intended to conquer the planet, but the native populace had been more than the invaders had expected. Next, discovering a massive temple untouched by the devastation, Smythe ran to it eager to discover its mysteries.[1]

Entering the temple, Smythe felt as if he were being watched and was suddenly confronted by the sudden lighting of the brazier in a statue's grasp. Scared, Smythe froze in place, and as fumes produced by the flames grew thicker, he found himself choking on them until he heard a voice. A being representing the spirits of the Talbosians and garbed as their protector Red Wolf appeared before him and imbued him with the power of the Red Wolf. Passing out, Smythe awoke hours later and unsure if he had dreamt the experience or not, fled the planet.[1]

At a refueling station later, Smythe was passed by a group of administrators, one of whom he could, for an unknown reason, sense was a Skrull. The proximity of the Skrull triggered his first transformation as the Talbosian spirits took control of him and forced him to kill the Skrull. Later arriving at another station, a local union leader's arrival was interrupted as Smythe again was forcible transformed into Red Wolf, killing the union leader. Stopped by the station's guards, Smythe was placed in a jail cell.[1]

After Hercules' arrival on that same station, and his subsequent arrest for the trouble he hadd caused elsewhere, he was placed in a cell with Smythe. Relating his story to Hercules, Smythe was again possessed by the Red Wolf when Hercules' ally Skyppi, a Skrull, arrived to free Hercules. Leaping at the Skrull, Red Wolf was stopped by Hercules and the two brawled throughout the station, eventually breaching the hull due to Red Wolf's impetuosity. Although Hercules reacted quickly enough to avoid being sucked out into space, Red Wolf was nearly lost into space -but Hercules pulled himself and Smythe to safety. Surprised at Hercules' having spared him, Red Wolf decided he was in debt with the Greek god. At his request, Red Wolf distracted the guards so that Hercules, Skyppi, and their Recorder ally could escape.[1]


Super, or enhanced, strength and agility


Smythe has no control over the transformations - he becames Red Wolf whenever a Skrull is near him.


Mystic coup-stick: Red Wolf wields a lance capable of firing lethal energy blasts. Hercules proved unable to break it.

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