Roj Blake was a political agitator framed for crimes he didn't commit and sentenced to permanent exile on the prison planet Cygnus Alpha but the corrupt Terran Federation. Along with a group of fellow prisoners including Kerr Avon, Vila Restal, Olag Gan and Jenna Stannis, he escaped en-route and hi-jacked a drifting starship of advanced alien design which he and his new crew named the Liberator. Rounding out his crew with the ship's onboard computer, Zen, and the telepathic alien Cally, and later replacing the deceased Gan with the supercomputer ORAC, Blake's 7 spent the next several years battling the tyranny of the Federation. Ultimately though, Blake was separated from his crew after a catastrophic intergalactic war and ended up on the planet of Gauda Prime trying to build a rebel army whilst posing as a bounty hunter. By now paranoid to the point of insanity, he lured his former comrades to the planet but was shot dead by Avon due to a misunderstanding before he could reveal his true purpose in doing so.[1]

Like all the characters in the Marvel UK Blake's 7 strip, Roj Blake originated in the BBC TV series of the same name.

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