One of the X-Men to survive to Magneto and Deathbird's forces first assaults, Rogue was enhanced to a near-god power-level using Forge's invention, and is now unable to get within a certain proximity of any living being without a specially designed suit keeping her from absorbing all life around her within a miles radius.

Using those new powerful powers, the X-Men prepare themselves to oppose to the Shi'ar Empire armies.


Seemingly those of Rogue (Anna Marie) (Earth-616)#Powers, extended to the point she can absorb all life around her within a miles radius.


She needs to wear a containment suit because of the enhancing of her powers.


Containment suit

Because of her hair, Rogue was confused with Storm. The description of Storm states she has no physical form, while Rogue's strongly hints she requires a containment suit.

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