Roglo was a crooked politician that had many criminal dealings. He operated out of one of New York's slums. Despite his criminal activities being known to authorities, they would have no proof against him to do anything about it. That is, until the android Human Torch joined the police force.

When the Torch began working the beat in Roglo's neighborhood he would call the Torch up to his office and try to tell him to stay out of his business. When the Torch refused, Roglo and his minion Red would attempt to rough him up, however the Torch's flame powers to get away.

Noticing that the Torch left his police hat behind, Roglo would call the police station pretending to be a good Samaritan wanting to return it. When the Human Torch would go to retrieve his hat, he would walk into a trap set by Roglo. While the Torch was left to Red to dispose of, Roglo would head off to burn down a recently insured building that he owned so he could collect on the insurance.

As he would prepare the building to burn, Red would come to him warning of the Torch's escape. Roglo would shoot Red in cold blood for his failure. When the Torch would attempt to stop Roglo, the crooked politician would toss Kerosene on the Torch temporarily knocking him out from the explosion and setting the building ablaze. The Torch would revive and learn from the dying Red of Roglo's plot. The Torch would put out the blaze and then stop Roglo and his remaining minions from escaping.

Upon capture, Roglo would surrender agreeing to give a complete confession to the police.


Roglo had access to a pistol.

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