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Lord Rodney Kemp was an apparently young minor English aristocrat who intended to attend Thames University, where he met Courtney Ross and Brian Braddock. He invited Courtney to his ancestral home, Darkmoor Castle, but unknown to her, the mild mannered peer was actually not Rodney but Lord Rupert Kemp, the 7th Baron Darkmoor, who centuries ago had traded with Satan for immortality and the power to shapeshift; though a fair haired, bespectacled young man by day, Kemp would become a saturnine vampire by night, except when the full moon transformed him into a werewolf. He apparently wanted Courtney to join him as an ageless vampire since she resembled his lost love. Kemp was killed when, while in werewolf form, Captain Britain stabbed him through the heart with an improvised silver dagger made from a goblet stem, then burned the parchment on which Kemp had signed his deal with the devil. Darkmoor Castle apparently burned to the ground in the subsequent fire caused by the parchment's destruction.[1]

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