Quote1 There's sump'n screwy about that wreck – Quote2
-- Rod Nelson src

Rod Nelson was a diver aboard the S.S. Recovery, a salvage ship exploring an area of the ocean, that had not been salvaged in over three years. When investigating a shipwreck in 1939, Nelson came across the signs that someone had been down in the wreck recently. A knife found there, had not rusted in the ocean. His chief mate, finding the story almost impossible to believe, sent Nelson back down with fellow diver Ev Carley.

Investigating the wreck, the two men spotted the young Prince Namor. The boy, seeing all surface dwellers as enemies of his people, cut the cables providing air, telephone communication and gas for their torches and then slew both men. He took their corpses back to Atlantis and presented them to the Holy One (Thakorr). Namor was praised by him and his own mother Princess Fen. Princess Fen commanded Karal to take the dead bodies of Nelson and Carley and show those corpses to their people, as the first victory in their war of revenge against the surface dwellers.[1]

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