Roberto da Costa is a mutant with the ability to absorb the sun's power and use it for his own, allowing him abilities like super-strength and flight. He joins the X-Men as one of the New Mutants, codename Sunspot. It is possible he isn't good at earth science because he is one of the kids who went with Beast on an extra-credit field trip to the Redwood forest. He has a good friendship with Rahne Sinclair. It is revealed he is an over-achiever in almost everything he does. He aids Kitty and her team against Magneto in the finale.[1]


Solar Radiation Absorption: Sunspot can absorb solar energy and can utilize it for physical strength and flight.


  • Voiced by Mike Coleman
  • He tends to be the flirt of the New Mutants
  • In the episode "Retreat",as he powered up, he jumped into the water to save Beast without extinguishing his flames or burning Beast.

X-Men: Evolution

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