Bob Roland was a young geologist active in the 1940's who traveled to Los Palmas, Mexico to investigate a strangely active volcano with his female companion Carol. Their exploration of the cooled volcanic rock would be interrupted when they would be captured by the evil Flame Men and brought to their master the Sub-Earth Man, a giant comprised of molten rock and flame. Learning that the Sub-Earth Man and his Flame Men ruled the Earth millions of years ago before the planets surface cooled, Bob and Carol would be horrified to discover that they seek to destroy the human race and reclaim the surface world.

Feigning to fear for his life, Bob would pretend to sell out humanity for his and Carol's own safety and tell the Sub-Earth Man of an "ideal" spot to attack that was supposedly near a major city. Leading the Sub-Earth Man to the location, the massive creature would allow Bob and Carol to leave while he created a new volcano in the area. However, this all proved to be a trick on Bob's part and what was supposed to be a populated city was in reality the ocean.

Realizing that he was tricked the Sub-Earth Man would use the heat of his domain to caused the flooding water to rise in temperature and cause a massive tidal wave on the planets surface. Anticipating this, Bob would rush to get some TNT and use it to blast the Sub-Earth Man's cavern, cutting off its heat from the surface, ending the tidal wave's threat. Bob however was convinced that was not the last they would hear of the Sub-Earth Man and would vow to destroy the creature once and for all.

If Bob ever succeeded or not remains unrevealed.


Bob is a skilled geologist

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