Robert Rider was the younger brother of Richard Rider, aka Nova. Richard had always been insecure about Robbie being smarter than he was, but Robbie always looked up to his big brother.

At some point Richard confided in his family about his powers. Robbie was usually more supportive of Richard's role as a hero than their parents. At one point Robbie as kidnapped by a street gang called the Poison Memories who had a grudge against Nova's team, the New Warriors. The gang leader Kimeko Ashu chopped off one of Robbie's fingers. Nova felt awful about this and later went to MIT to talk to his brother and ask for his forgiveness. Robbie said there was nothing to forgive and he would gladly give up more fingers if that's what it took for his brother to save lives.[1]

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As a Nova

Robert once earned a lot of money from selling a software program he designed. He used the money he earned from that to buy the Long Island home the Rider family used to live in.[2] Robert's parents had previously been living in Jackson Heights, Queens.[3]

While working as a scientist at Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S., Robbie was selected to reconsitute the new Nova Corps and was given Nova powers like Richard's. Robbie became friends with Darkhawk, with whom he worked at P.E.G.A.S.U.S.. Even though Richard believed Robbie was among the members of the Nova Corps who sacrificed themselves in the Cancerverse, he instead had returned to Xandar in an attempt to jump-start the faded Nova Force. With no powers or a functioning ship, Robbie became stranded in the abandoned planet.

Six months afterwards, Robbie was attacked by a group of scavenging Raptors. Using a device called the Inquisitor, the Raptors regularly forced Robbie into a simulated virtual reality with which he was brainwashed into serving the Fraternity of Raptors. Rejecting his previous life, Robbie even refused to be called "Talon Rider," going instead by the alias of Talon-R.

In order to help the Raptors' goal of finding the Infinity Gems, Talon-R set out to find a set of Nega-Bands.[4] Even though Talon-R secured a mummified corpse sporting Nega-Bands, his ship ended up in the hands of the Guardians of the Galaxy, who rechristened it as the Milano.[5] Talon-R and his fellow Raptors eventually tracked down the Milano and boarded it, retrieving one of the Nega-Bands in the process. As he was making his escape, Talon-R poisoned Rocket Raccoon with the tip of his claws.[6]

Star-Lord used the other Nega-Band to confront and defeat Talon-R, and they stroke a deal. Once Talon-R handed over the antidote, Quill was to give him the other Nega-Band. Star-Lord complied, but first opened a portal in which he threw the band. When Talonar jumped through the portal to follow the band, he found himself stranded in a distant planet where its inhabitants had been turned into Ultron hybrid zombies.[7] Talon-R had reunited with the Fraternity of Raptors by the time they attacked the Nova outpost in Xitaung where the giant-sized Power Stone was being guarded.[8] During the attack, Talon-R encountered Rich, and berated him for the absence of the Nova Corps when he needed them. Their reunion was interrupted when they were both attacked by the Chitauri Warbringer,[9] and Robbie was heavily hurt. Before being taken away by soldiers since the Raptors decided to retreat, Robbie made Rich realize of a way to reduce the Power Gem to a manageable size, by imposing one's cognition over reality. Star-Lord put this concept to practise, and the Guardians of the Galaxy managed to seize control of the gem.[10]


Eventually had the powers of a Nova Centurion.[11] Implied to be downgraded to a lower rank Denarian.[12]

  • After the Worldmind and Ego were separated, Richard Rider demanded more structure from the new Nova Centurions the Worldmind had recently recruited. Many were powered down to lower levels and given lower ranks.[13]
  • Many recruits were bumped down to Millennians or mere Corpsmen but going by his chest insignia. Robert was only downgraded from Centurion to Denarian which is a reduction of only one rank.

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