Not much is known of the past of Bob Raleigh of Earth-4096. In the year 2300 AD, he was a member of the Space Rangers a group of law enforcement officers that defended outer space. He was partnered with Bartin "Nibbs" Culp.

They have had two recorded adventures together: Investigate a series of robbed merchant ships, noting that they had their supplies of Plinium stolen. This plot was carried out by Blackhawk from the asteroid near Mercury. Tracking the thefts to that location, the Space Rangers investigate and are captured. They break free and with the help of Blackhawk's daughter Alyse they break free and destroy Blackhawk's ship, killing him. [2]

Later after a series of experimental ships have gone missing, the Space Rangers are sent in to investigate. They are captured by Carl Formes of the planet Glakor where they are captured. They are tossed into a pit of a dragon, but manage to break free and slay the creature. They destroy the device that Formes has used to capture the ships but their enemy locks himself up in a safe room that has enough supplies to keep him alive for a year. With no way of getting at their enemy, they find a stockpile of of explosives and set them to go off, destroying the entire planet. [3]


No known paranormal powers.


Is a capable fighter, and space ship pilot


Travels via space ship that can travel interplanetary distances, it is armed with a ray gun

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