Robert Harrison (Earth-616) 002

Harrison in human form

Robert Harrison was the assistant to explorer Dr. Roberts and was engaged to the doctors daughter Jean. While exploring Tibet, Robert would discover a lost treasure. However their guide Singa would seek to claim the treasure for himself and inject Harrison with a mixture of rare herbs, transforming him into a werewolf. Unaware of this and unsure how to cure him, Dr. Roberts would bring Harrison back to the United States and keep his transformation secret from Jean, telling her that Harrison was staying in Tibet for another year or two.

Roberts would seek the aid of Doctor Lin to cure Harrison. When Lin proved to be unable to do so, he would recognize the costume vigilante known as the Angel as one of his former medical students and would release Harrison in the hopes that the Angel would find a means to cure him. The Angel would capture Harrison and indeed determine a means to cure him, however he would be attacked by Singa. The Angel would slay Singa and restore Harrison to human form, and Harrison would tell everyone gathered why Singa transformed him into a werewolf.


When in werewolf form, Harrison appeared to have enhanced strength and abilities similar to conventional werewolves.


Harrison was in a constant savage state. Additionally it did not appear as though he had the mystical protections of conventional werewolves and could be killed by any mortal means.

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