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Little is detailed about Whizzer's life before the zombie plague arrived on Earth-2149, however it can be presumed to have followed much the same path as Whizzer (Earth-616).

Somehow becoming infected, Whizzer is seen as one of the many zombies who have formed an alliance with the Kingpin, giving him food offerings so that he will allow them to eat clones of uninfected humans to satisfy their hunger.

When Machine Man, who traveled to Earth-2149 on a mission with Jocasta to obtain blood from an uninfected human from this reality, decided to free the clones from their misery, he compared the way the clones were treated to the way robots were treated, Whizzer was one of the many zombies who fought against him.

When running through New York along with Quicksilver in search of Machine Man, they were led into a trap. Machine Man used his microflament wires to cut Whizzer and Quicksilver to pieces when they ran into them at super-speed.


Seemingly those of Robert Frank (Earth-616)#Powers.

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