As a teenager, Robert Farrell was often into trouble, particularly with the police. However, when his mother fell ill, Robert turned his life around, wanting to help her. He began attending Hardy Foundation science class and was tutored by Peter Parker. However, Robert seemed to be going back to his old ways when he was caught by the police stealing some cash dropped by a thief who was caught by Spider-Man. Robert later followed some thieves who robbed his mother's grocery store back to their hideout and stole their electromagnetic technology, molding it to his skateboard to create a rocket skate. He proceeded to rob a jewelry store, but realized that what he was doing was wrong. He was then chased by the Big Wheel who wanted his technology back but he and Spider-Man managed to stop him.


Robert seems to possess keen scientific knowledge. He was able to build a gyroscope and defeated the Big Wheel by using electricity to counter it's timing mechanism.


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