It was Loki's tampering that caused Iceman’s power to spin out of control. While in the main universe, a special regulator belt helped Bobby to control his improved abilities, the version of the Mutant X universe was not as lucky. He found himself stuck in his ice-form at sub-zero temperatures, forbidding him to ever touch another human being for it would have instantly killed them.

Still, Bob Drake (who didn’t like being called Bobby), kept his optimism and his sense of humor, and he was part of a team called the Six, that world’s equivalent to X-Factor, who had split off from the X-Men when the school was taken over by Magneto. Eventually, after having lived several years with boosted abilities, his friend and team-mate Hank McCoy found a way to undo Loki’s changes and therefore, Ice-Man was restored to his regular power level.[1]


Seemingly those of Bobby Drake of Earth-616.

Strength level

Normal human male who engages in moderate regular exercise.

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