When a plague turned the world's population into cannibals, Iceman was among the many heroes that succumbed to it. At some point, Iceman aligned himself with the King of Death. Following a turf war, the King of Death strengthened his tribe by destroying others and forcing them to join him. As he grew more powerful and took more land, he decided to take Manhattan from Patient Zero. To that end, Iceman created a bridge for his tribesmen to cross.

However, the pressure they put on Patient Zero forced him to call on the Punisher for help. After making an agreement, Frank journeyed into the King of Death's territory, where he encountered him and his men, including Iceman.[1] Deadpool eventually came to help Frank, but he was grabbed by Hammerhead so that Iceman could stab him. But before he got the chance, the Punisher tossed two grenades at them, killing Iceman and the others instantly.[2]


Seemingly those of Bobby Drake of Earth-616.


Due to his exposure to Survivor 118, Iceman was capable of adapting to extreme changes in his environment.

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