Rita Grey was the daughter of an explorer who was travelling through the Belgian Congo. During their trek, Rita would come across a raft made by one of the natives. Deciding to take it out into the river to sunbath, Rita would be swept up in the currents and send down river. The native guides would be unable to rescue her due to the fact that the waters were invested with crocodiles.

Rita would manages to avoid falling down a waterfall by jumping into the branches of a low hanging tree. Lost in the jungle she would be attacked by the leopard named N'Jaga until the creature was fought off by the jungle man known as Ka-Zar. Ka-Zar would agree to help the girl return to her camp, and along the way they two would be attacked by the savage Wabis tribe. Ka-Zar would defend Rita until Zar could arrive with Trajah the elephant, who would send the Wabis fleeing into the jungle.

Trajah would then ride Rita and Ka-Zar back to her fathers camp. There Rita and her father would invite Ka-Zar back to a nearby outpost, but he would refuse, telling them the jungle was his true home.



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