The Ring of the Nebulas was a powerful alien artifact that possessed the ability to amplify the power output of all mechanical systems. A group of space explorers used this ring to power their interstellar vessel, the Tekeli-Li.

In September of 1941, the aliens crash-landed on Earth and the ring came into the possession of a cybernetic Nazi scientist known as Brain Drain. Brain Drain used the power of the ring to amplify his own mechanical systems, and by doing so, was able to maintain mental dominance over the four aliens. He renamed them after Teutonic gods and they became known as Brunnhilde, Donar, Froh and Loga. Brunnhilde however, mustered enough willpower to break free of Brain Drain's control and escape with the ring.

In France, she came upon Captain America and enlisted the aid of his fellow Invaders to stop Brain Drain's threat. This brought them into conflict with Brunnhilde's fellow space travelers, but they succeeded in freeing them from the Nazi's control. Once Brunnhilde realized that her space ship was destroyed, she elected to destroy the ring as well, casting it into a cauldron of acid.


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There is presumably a link with the Ring of the Nibelung from Teutonic mythology (and Wagner).

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