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-- Nightcrawler src

Rico is a mutant student attending Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, and who want to become an astronaut.[2]

He seems to be used to move across the School using his powers to run over the roof, and that almost cost him a collision with Nightcrawler, freshly returned from the dead at that time and who was warned by Rachel Summers.[2]

When the Trimegas assaulted the school, Rico bravely protected one of his fellow schoolmates by attacking the intruder, but was quickly overwhelmed, and as quickly saved by Wolverine, teleported away by Nightcrawler and taken care of by Cecilia Reyes.[3]

Rico was stated by Rachel Summers to have a "wicked sense of humor",[2] and by Nightcrawler to have "more courage than sense".[3]


Rico is a mutant mutated in the form of a winged-ant/scorpion, granting him at least the following abilities:

  • Natural Weapons: Rico's mutant physiology has equipped him with two pincers and a stinger tail. The pincers are strong enough to crush small metal items,[4] while the tail can be used as a clubbing weapon[5] or additional limb with limited prehensibility.[4] It is not yet known if his tail's stinger actually delivers venom, though by itself it can be used as an effective stabbling weapon if needed.
  • Wallcrawling: Rico is able to walk on ceilings and roofs at high speeds.[2]
  • Flight: His wings, while apparently too small to carry his full weight, allow him to boost his jumps[3] and his running speed.[5]
  • Enhanced Endurance: Rico's unusual physiology allows him to go on comparably less sleep than a normal human male of his age.[6]


Rico is stated to be trained at working in Zero-G.[2]

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