X-Factor Annual Vol 1 8 page 28 Rick Chalker (Earth-616)

Resurrected Rick slained by his resurrected brother

Rick Chalker was the brother of the mutant-hater Vic Chalker.

He wished to avenge his brother's death so he replaced his arms with blades. When he realized he couldn't even open doors anymore, let alone use a phone or leave his own island, he tried to slap himself in the head-only to eviscerate his own face on accident.[1]

His mutant cousin, Dick Chalker, aka Carnivore, swore to avenge them, only to be hit soon after by a car.[2]

He was resurrected by Charon alongside Dick and Vic, to battle X-Factor. The three of them were finally destroyed, Rick and Vic killing each other.[3]


Fan-like has blades for hands.

The Chalker family seems to be restructured, via remarriage, half-brothering, as Vic is both Rick and Dick brother, but this two are cousins.

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